Price List

We currently do a number of packages, each with a different price / benefit balance.

Here are the current prices:

  • Hosting: 30.00 / year *
  • Domain Management & Hosting: 35.00 / year *
  • Domain Management only: 10.00 / year for a uk domain

last modified 21:20 2005/07/28

* Vivostar can host almost any website, efficiently, with proper server logs, professional control systems, and FTP usage, even for quite large websites with many pages and multiple images etc, provided the bandwidth is not HUGE. For example, sites which currently enjoy the services of Vivostar include HS Vehicles, Astrospace, Stamp Demon and others. If your intended website for hosting at Vivostar is of the same sort of size as these, or three times the size, Vivostar can host it for the prices quoted.

Special arrangements can also be negotiated with Vivostar for hosting websites which are unreasonably big, in terms of the number of pages, and/or bandwidth, for example Zyra's website which has thousands of pages and quite a lot of downloads per day! (If you have a bandwidth this big in gigabytes per month, the chances are you should be talking to us anyway!)

If in doubt about bandwidth or any other issues, then please Contact us for clarification.

We don't currently provide shopping cart functions for e-shops.